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Nominees for the Board of Directors 2017

Royal City Farmers Market AGM is coming up on March 12. We don’t take nominations for Board members from the floor. Our Board of Directors is seven people, though Jen Arbo as president is in a two year term and doesn’t need to be re-elected, so we will be electing six directors.

This year, we say goodbye to long-serving secretary Hennisea Hoy, who is moving on to a new job that will keep her out of town more, and our always-thoughful treasurer Sheila Poznikoff, who is a farmer first and will be focusing on growing food this coming year. Their service and contributions have been immense.

The following are the nominees for the new board, as only six nominees have come forward, there will be no need for an election and the nominees will be acclaimed at our AGM on the 12th.


Rob Mackay is a chef who moved to New Westminster two years ago, with his wife Tammy and enormous black lab, Cheddar. This is Rob’s first year on the RCFM board. He is passionate about all things relating to food: where it’s sourced, how it’s grown, and how it’s prepared. Rob is excited to bring his 20 years of culinary experience to the already incredible RCFM team.

Kevin McConnell has lived in New West six years. This is Kevin’s fifth year on the board of RCFM. Kevin has a passion for local food, craft beer, supporting small business and a desire to help grow the already awesome community in New Westminster.

Matt Lorenzi: Originally from Alberta, Matt Lorenzi has fallen in love with New Westminster since moving here almost 10 years ago. The sense of history and community is a big factor on why he’s chosen to raise his family here. Matt has is interested in sustainability, food security and community building. Volunteering has always been a big part of Matt’s “spare” time. In past he has served with New Westminster Environmental Partners and Brow of the Hill Residents Association. Serving on the board of RCFM feels like giving back to the community while being extremely rewarding at the same time.

New Nominees:

Katie Bartel is a former journalist, future dietitian, and all around lover of food. A New Westminster resident for eight years, Katie has been volunteering for the Royal City Farmers’ Market for the last year and a half, writing blog posts that feature market vendors, their products, and the ins and outs of market shopping on a budget. This experience has opened up a world of new market-fresh discoveries for Katie and her family.

Carly Fryer was born and raised in the Lower Mainland. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in 2005 at Simon Fraser University and returned there to complete her Master of Business Administration in 2016. Her previous work experience includes energy efficiency program delivery for residential customers across British Columbia. In 2010 she worked as a Logistics Supervisor for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games which lead to her moving to London to work as a Logistics Manager for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. In London she enjoyed the weekly variety of markets hosted around the city. She is currently the Customer Service Manager at a Canadian-based biotechnology company and enjoys exploring the city and discovering the newest coffee shops. You can find Carly playing softball, running or reading in her spare time.

Alex McCarthy has been at most New West Farmers markets since opening season.  Often you will find him at the A Bread Affair stall at Tipperary Park on Thursdays.  As a active market vendor, he can be a valuable viewpoint when discussions of market policies have an interest in vendor feedback. Born in Ontario on a family farm, Alex moved to BC in 2008. He is a Team Leader in his family firm, responsible for the Granville Island Front of House team and oversees the bakery’s farmers market programme. Alex is 22 years old and lives in Vancouver.