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Summer 2012 Applications

We’ve been getting lots of calls lately from vendors interested in applying to be a part of our market summer 2012. First, we want to say how happy we are that you’re so organized! We’re not yet organized ourselves, though and wanted to let you know what the timeline is.

Our AGM is January 26th (we hope you can come!), and we’ll be electing a new Board of Directors for the 2012 year. Once they’re elected, they’ll set the policies, fees, and other parts of the summer 2012 season. Once that’s in place, we then can prepare the application packages.

If you’re intersted in applying with us, we recommend you sign up to the Interested Vendors List. In late February or early March, we’ll be sending the list the application package once it is ready. All summer 2011 and winter 2011-2012 vendors are already added to this list.

Thank you for your interest!